Dear SA Base Camp Members & Guests.

My name is Kieran Murphy, I am the director at SA Base Camp. I am legally blind, have two brothers with autism and am an avid Ninja Warrior fan! Along with SA Base Camp, I am also involved with several businesses operating in the NDIS space (National Disability Insurance Scheme). As you can imagine, this is a cause close to my heart. One of these businesses is called My Therapy Australia, an NDIS registered company providing therapeutic supports to members of the community.

One of the reasons for taking over SA Base Camp was to utilise the venue for therapy during the daytime, creating SA’s largest therapy space for people of all ages.


In addition to this, we allow members of the community with complex needs, who require 2 or sometimes 3 full time carers, to access the venue as a space they can play and self-regulate. These individuals usually don’t participate in recreational activities within the community. Our space is often the only area they have where they can run, jump, swing and play which is sometimes the only activity outside of their house that they can do that.

At 6:20pm on July 25th we were informed by our landlord (Precision Group) that we must vacate our premises at 30-34 Quebec Street by the end of August. When we took over SA Base Camp in May, we sought to find a long-term venue to ensure the future of Ninja in SA was secure. While we endeavoured to secure a longer-term lease at our current premises, we were only offered a month- to-month lease.

We are excited to announce that we have secured a new venue at 550 Churchill Rd, Kilburn. This property won’t be ready for SA Base Camp until the end of September. While we first anticipated a 1 week turn around for the move, due to us having to close earlier than expected we are now informing you that SA Base Camp will close at 5pm August 21st and reopen on Saturday October 1st. This new venue will be a bigger and much improved SA Base Camp, including all the Ninja obstacles we know and love, a trampoline area and a kid’s playcafe. This will ensure there is fun for everyone and allow us to cater to kids of all ages. We are also working with the Parkour community as well as several Ninja Organisations to create some unique spaces and opportunities at our new venue.

What this means for members

Ninja classes will continue for the first 4 weeks of Term 3 with the final day of classes taking place on Sunday August 21. Members will be entitled to the following;

  • Pay for the 4 weeks – Any member paying month-to-month will pay for the 4 weeks of classes prior to the close.

  • If you have paid in full – If you have paid in full, you can choose from either a refund for the 6 classes that will not occur, or a credit which will carry over to Term 4 and secure your booking for the same class/time.

  • If you have paid for 5 weeks – You will receive a refund for the 1 week you will not receive.


If you have paid for classes and are due to receive a refund or credit, please email with the subject heading Member Refund. In the email, please clearly identify the child’s name, class time, class level as well as if you paid online or in person.

As you can imagine, this will be our biggest challenge yet and we hope to see you for the next 4 weeks at our current venue and look forward to welcoming you to our forever home at 550 Churchill Rd, Kilburn in October.




Kieran Murphy